Teamwork at Upwaltham Barns

Christina & James's Wedding Flowers

Cristina & James wedding flowers - Driftwood Flowers

David Austin Roses in Copper Terrariums

I met Christina at an Open Day at Upwaltham Barns and whilst talking we discovered that her ‘aunt’, Sue who was helping her with styling her wedding, including the flowers, lived in Lavant. It had the makings of a great team effort.

Driftwood Flowers was asked to be part of that team working with Sue and Christina to deliver flowers for the wedding at Boxgrove Priory and Upwaltham Barns in October 2015.

The Brief:
Christina loved the David Austin Juliet roses but had reservations about the cost. She had also acquired a selection of ‘copper’ containers to use for the floral table displays at the reception and the arrangements needed to suit these. Christina asked for very simple designs for the pew ends at Boxgrove Priory which already has so much lovely decoration.

In response to Christina’s quandary over roses I supplied 2 quotes, one with the David Austin roses and a second using a lower priced standard rose. I suggested adding Gypsophila to the pew end decorations in the Priory, making them really simple but to add a little wedding spirit. The bridesmaids had the same for their bouquets, for consistency.

Sue became an integral member of the ‘flower team’ and frequently popped over the road to help out with both planning and the make up of all the arrangements. It was a real joint effort!!

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